Government closing International Radio Serbia!

Dear listeners, by the decision of Serbian government, International Radio Serbia – Radio Yugoslavia – ceases to exist on 31 July 2015. Thus our fruitful cooperation with you and our tradition of continously informing the diaspora and the public worldwide of the current events, business and cultural capacities, beautiful landmarks, culture and tradition of Serbia and former Yugoslavia in 12 languages, via short waves, the Internet and the satellite will be terminated. Thank you for having listened to us and for having trusted us for more than 79 years.

Desanka Maksimović – Poetess of the Soul

Thu, 06/21/2012 - 17:05 -- MRS

The Desanka Maksimović Foundation has published the collected works of the famous Serbian poetess Desanka Maksimović (1898-1993), in ten volumes, on nine thousand pages. This edition includes everything proved to have been written by her. More from Tihana Pavicevic.
In addition to Desanka Maksimović’s poems, this comprehensive book also includes her poetic translations and some works of prose, to which the poetess had never returned and which had remained dispersed in numerous literary journals and periodicals. Desanka Maksimović is regarded by many as the poetess of love, youth and joy. She was capable of giving divine portrayals of all the earthly beauties, but she also described sufferings, which is why she is regarded as the most authentic Serbian poetess. She had her first poems published in the „Misao“ (Thought) literary magazine in 1920, which is when her very successful and frutiful poetic career began. She published some fifty books of poetry, children’s and youth poems and prose, and also some short stories, novels and travel writings.
The editor of the Complete Works of Desanka Maksimović, (which is also a critical edition), professor Staniša Tutnjević, told our radio that Serbian literature had obtained a large opus of ten volumes, or as many as twenty books dedicated to Desanka Maksimović’s work. This collection contains the latest version of each of her texts, said Tutnjević, which means that whoever is to publish the works of Desanka Maksimović in future will have to refer to this edition. Desanka Maksimović was a poet to whose poems many generations, not only in Serbia, but in the region as well, grew. She gave her heart selflessly to all and it was her heart that was the main hero of her poetry. Her poetry has become an integral and infinite part of our people’s memory and has also been built into the core of the Serbian language.
The Complete Works of Desanka Maksimović will soon be available in electronic form as well, on the websites of the National Library of Serbia and the Desanka Maksimović Foundation.